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HighTech Garage Door has contracted with several big businesses in Galena Park, TX area in the past. We are used to working on all sorts of heavy-duty doors, and our team carries the best possible tools with them to enable them to do their jobs better. We offer a range of services designed specifically for businesses which operate on tight schedules and can’t afford disruptions. Apart from replacing garage doors, we will also build you specialty garage doors or help keep your old garage door running smoothly through periodic maintenance.

Typically, commercial garage doors run a complex system that is comprised of several torsion springs. These springs need to be tuned frequently to keep them operating at peak efficiency. Broken springs need to be replaced as soon as possible, too, to prevent your garage door from going off track. A malfunctioning garage door is a serious impediment if you operate a business. HighTech Garage Door runs a 24/7 service for the day your garage door decides to stop working in the middle of the night.

Quality products:

 HighTech Garage Door offers a range of quality products. Our robust steel garage doors are perfect for large warehouses or buildings with a heavy traffic flow. Our sectional steel doors, on the other hand, are often requested by businesses where space is at a premium and there isn’t much clearance available in front of the door. All our products are built by some of the top manufacturers in the country and many have cutting-edge openers that can be automated or made to work with remote control.