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HighTech Garage Door Galena Park, TX 713-470-6700Your garage door keeps your garage safe from the harsh weather outside as well as from vandals or thieves. As such, your garage door is as important as your front door – a malfunctioning garage door or a door that is stuck may provide opportunities for thieves to enter your premises. An old, worn-out garage door should be replaced as soon as possible. It’s a significant investment, but you will be able to sleep better at night knowing your garage is as secure as possible because of the new door.

HighTech Garage Door specializes in installing both commercial and residential garage doors. We can install any kind of garage door you have in mind, including roller garage door, carriage house garage doors or industrial garage doors. Our service is quick and cost-efficient. We also build and install custom garage doors upon request.

The installation process:

Step 1:You can contact us with your request and HighTech Garage Door will dispatch a team over to your property for an inspection.

Step 2: After inspecting the dimensions of your garage door frame and understanding your custom door plan, we will provide you with an estimate for the job.

Step 3:Once you give us the go ahead, we will locate a suitable door in our inventory or custom craft you a new one.

Step 4:Finally, our experts will deliver and install your door and make sure it’s working properly before leaving.

You can contact HighTech Garage Door for damage repair or maintenance services as well. We help keep your garage door – whether you own a commercial space or a residential one – functioning efficiently to keep your schedule clear and day hassle-free.