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Residential Garage Doors

HighTech Garage Door has the confidence of hundreds of home owners in Galena Park, TX. We have a reputation for providing an efficient, cost-effective service that strives to make our customers happy. We are one of the biggest names in the garage door service business thanks to the dedication with which we do our work. HighTech Garage Door understands that your garage door provides security to your garage as well as your home. We operate a 24/7 service that will come to you at any time of the day, whenever you happen to face a problem. We don’t disrupt your schedule, our pricing process is transparent and our team is polite...Click to read more

Commercial Garage Doors

HighTech Garage Door has contracted with several big businesses in Galena Park, TX area in the past. We are used to working on all sorts of heavy-duty doors, and our team carries the best possible tools with them to enable them to do their jobs better. We offer a range of services designed specifically for businesses which operate on tight schedules and can’t afford disruptions. Apart from replacing garage doors, we will also build you specialty garage doors or help keep your old garage door running smoothly through periodic maintenance...Click to read more

Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are mechanical objects that get work down over time because of adverse factors like weather or constant exposure to the sun. The garage opener, on the other hand, is made up of some intricate parts that need to be serviced ever so often to keep it functioning optimally. A broken part can cause the entire system to go haywire and it may come crashing down on your head, if you’re not careful...Click to read more

Garage Door Spring Services

The springs in your garage door are the most vital part of the door opener mechanism. They are what support most of the weight of the door when it’s being raised, so you don’t have to personally exert any energy to push the door up yourself. A broken spring can cause your garage door to get stuck or prevent it from functioning properly (by making the other springs support more weight than they are designed for). Springs, because they come under so much pressure with such regularity, have to be inspected often and replaced when necessary to keep a garage door functioning properly...Click to read more

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are motors attached to the door that help a garage door to close and to open. Until the late 1920s, you had to open a garage door manually. In this modern day age, garage openers – often of two broad types – will open your garage door for you with the flip of a switch or the press of a button...Click to read more

Custom Garage Doors

Garage doors do much more than provide security for your garage or your office space. They are also a part of the building itself and can add a touch of class or elegance to it, if designed correctly with the right materials. Some of HighTech Garage Door’s customers request custom garage doors for their premises. We help our customers design garage doors that perfectly suit the style of the building they’re to be attached to, and we also design doors that have additional functionalities as compared to regular garage doors...Click to read more

Overhead Garage Door

Overhead garage doors are used in small spaces where a lot of clearance room isn’t available in front of the door. Overhead garage doors, also called as sectional garage doors, are made up of strips of sections joined together. These sections can be folded against each other so that it forms a roll that can be neatly tucked up under the top of the garage door frame. A small rolling track usually is attached to the top to help with the folding process – the sections are neatly packed on the top...Click to read more

Garage Door Installation

Your garage door keeps your garage safe from the harsh weather outside as well as from vandals or thieves. As such, your garage door is as important as your front door – a malfunctioning garage door or a door that is stuck may provide opportunities for thieves to enter your premises. An old, worn-out garage door should be replaced as soon as possible. It’s a significant investment, but you will be able to sleep better at night knowing your garage is as secure as possible because of the new door...Click to read more

Garage Doors

Garage doors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, made up of different materials and with different openers attached to them. Residential garage doors, in general, tend to be less complex than their commercial garage door counterparts. All garage doors, however, tend to be exposed to the weather and need constant maintenance to keep them running in top shape. HighTech Garage Door operates a maintenance service in Galena Park, TX to help you keep your garage door operating at peak efficiency. You can also call us if you need a replacement for your old garage door (or for repair and maintenance)...Click to read more