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HighTech Garage Door Galena Park, TX 713-470-6700Overhead garage doors are used in small spaces where a lot of clearance room isn’t available in front of the door. Overhead garage doors, also called as sectional garage doors, are made up of strips of sections joined together. These sections can be folded against each other so that it forms a roll that can be neatly tucked up under the top of the garage door frame. A small rolling track usually is attached to the top to help with the folding process – the sections are neatly packed on the top.

HighTech Garage Door has a large selection of overhead garage doors on offer. Our doors are built of the finest materials and are weather resistant to a large extent. Sectional garage doors, because they can sometimes be flimsy, need better weatherproofing than other sturdier types. HighTech Garage Door’s doors have exceptional weatherproofing to help protect your garage or office space from the weather. We also provide weatherstripping services to protect your old garage door and to extend its life.

Upon request, HighTech Garage Door can also automate your overhead garage door. Automated garage doors can open when you go near them. We can also add remote control functionality to an electric opener. Instead of using a switch to raise your garage door, you can just press a button on a remote instead. We also provide more cutting-edge solutions for modern-day garage doors, including linking them with smart home systems or with your phone for added convenience.